Cut Outs



The Selfie is a recent phenomenon but the desire to record one’s presence in a place of note is not. This is where the Cut Out comes in. And long before Photoshop, one could place one’s face on another, more exotic body. I have found Cut Outs around the world in both expected places like county fairs and in unexpected places like obscure museums. With a Cut Out, one can become an animal like a bear, a giraffe, a deer, a sheep, or a pig. One can become an ear of corn or an alien creature, a cowgirl or a space man, a clown or a surfer, a prisoner or a policeman. One can become famous: a Thomas Gainsborough painting or a Grant Wood painting, John Wayne, a member of KISS, or the Cowardly Lion. Or one can even become a piece of cheese. This is the delightful world of Cut Outs.